How to Search Fonts in Capcut

How to Search Fonts in Capcut – Best Font Effects 2024

In this article you will learn, how to search fonts in Capcut. Capcut is easy and free video editing instrument that allows creators with this instrument to make visually compelling content. It offers a good collection of fonts built-in, but sometimes you may hunger a particular font to complement the aesthetics of your video.

Capcut does not have a search feature for fonts. But distress not! This guide will explore alternative ways to important and use custom fonts within your Capcut project, allowing your unique voice to be expressed through typography.

Understanding Capcut option and Font Landscape

Capcut offers two main methods to add fonts to your videos:

Built in Fonts

Capcut suggestion a good selection of fonts that are already installed and set to use. These fonts can be accessed easily and are organized.

Custom Fonts

Capcut lets you import fonts that you have created from your device. This gives you right to use an extensive library of fonts, beyond those built into the app. This agree for more creative control and customization.

The built-fonts are convenient, but the skill to add custom fonts opens up a whole new world of expression for your grace.

Finding the perfect custom Fonts

You’ll first requirement to select the correct font your video. This is where you start your exploration. And also you can get help from how to search fonts in capcut.

Free Font websites

Many sites offer a wide range of fonts that are free to use. Google Fonts, Da font and Adobe Fonts are popular options. Download fonts from these sites (usually in. TTF and OTF format).

Paid Font Marketplaces

If you need a larger collection of fonts and advanced quality font, then consider superior font markets like Creative Market or Envato Elements. These platforms suggestion both free and premium fonts to settle you catch the exact contest for your task.

Important for how to search fonts in capcut

Only download fonts that are from trustworthy sources. Do not download fonts from erratic websites, as they may surround malware.

Unleash Creativity by Importing Custom Fonts in Capcut

Here’s the magic, Capcut integrates your custom fonts you downloaded.

Download the Font You Want

Find and download the font file you want from a trustworthy source. Download the font file, not a preview. How to search fonts in capcut is very important for video editor.

Transfer Font File

You’ll need to transfer the font file from your PC to the mobile device you use to access Capcut. Email attachments, cloud storage like Google Drive or direct file transfer are popular techniques.

Locate The Downloaded Font File

On your mobile device, find the font file that you downloaded. You can find the font in your Downloads folder or in a cloud storage app.


Particular stages to relocation files between devices may vary dependent on the operational system you use and your perfect process.

Integrating Capcut with the Font

We’ll use a workaround since Capcut doesn’t have a dedicated search feature for fonts to import your customized font. And important part of capcut is how to search fonts in capcut.

Create New Text Layers

Launch Capcut, launch a project or open one that already exists. Tap the ‘+’ button and select “Text”.

Select Any Pre-Installed Font

Select one of the fonts that are already installed. This is a placeholder.

Text Layer

Enter any text, this text will later be swapped by desired message.

Text Editing Options

Click on the text layer in order right to use the menu. If you want change the font size and color, you can do it by the help of menu.

Replace text

Rather than changing the font style in Capcut itself, simply tap the text field. Paste the text that you desire. Select the font you downloaded from your device. And also you can learn from how to search fonts in capcut.

Capcut identifies the font file, and will automatically swap the installed font with the custom font you choose!

Text Style and Content

Once your font has been successfully imported, edit the text to reflect what you need. You can amend font size, color, and additional style selections in the text editing menu.


You have successfully applied a custom Font to your capcut Text Layer, unlocking new stages of creativity for your video project.

Advanced Tips on Custom Fonts for Capcut

Font compatibility

Although most font formats (TTF, OTF and others) should work without issue, there may be some issues. If you experience problems.

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