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How to Add Overlay top in Capcut – Capcut best features 2024

Overlay top in capcut is a powerful and top feature in 2024. Capcut is a powerful, user-friendly app that allows you to enhance existing footage and add creative layers. This will help tell your story visually. Overlays are a fundamental technique that allows you to add additional elements over your main video clip. It is a new technique to discover the world. In this article you learn that how to add overlay top in capcut.

This guide delivers you with all the info and skills needed to master Capcut Overlay. We will explore the various overlay options and customizer tools and give tips on how to create visually stunning videos.

The Power Of Overlays

Capcut provides various number of creative overlays which give a professional touch to your project or video.

Text and Titles

Increase clearness and skill with text or titles overlaid on your video. Add descriptions to make your video accessible, introduce the video, or highlight main points.

Create Picture-in-Picture effects

Display multiple video sources at once by placing a small video clip over your primary video. This works well for interviews, reactions or showing products.

Graphics and Logos

Use graphics, logos or other design elements to personalize videos and establish brand identity.

Enhancing visual interest

Use decorative overlays like textures, patterns or light leaks in order to add depth, mood or a style to your video.

How to add overlays in Capcut: A step by step guide

Here is the step to add Capcut overlays:

Import your media

Launch Capcut to start a new project. Tap on the plus and select the video clip that you want to use as the base layer. You can import extra images or video clips to help as overlay top in capcut.


Capcut has two main ways of adding overlays:

Overlay Button

Select “Overlay” by tapping the ‘+’. Choice an image or video to be used as an overlay.

Dragging in Media Panel

You can also drag your desired overlay element from the media panel located below the timeline. Tap and hold the overlay top element then drag it to the timeline above the base video clip.

Positioning and Resizing

After your overlay has been placed on the timeline you can move it by dragging along the timeline. To scale up or down, pinch or spread out your fingers to the overlay.

Trimming Overlay

You can trim the overlay to the desired duration if it is longer than the base video. To shorten the playtime of an overlay, tap and hold its edge on the timeline.

Editing Tools For Fine-Tuning

Capcut provides a wide range of tools that allow you to further customize your overlays:


You can adjust the transparency of the overlay by using the opacity slider on the editing panel to the right. Lower opacity lets the video underneath show more clearly.

Blending Modes

Experimentation with different blending mode (e.g. Multiply, screen) to change how the overlay interacts the colors of the base video. This can produce interesting visual effect.

Capcut Advanced Customization

Capcut is not required, but offers advanced users additional features:


Create keyframes in your overlays to animate the position, size or rotation of an overlay over time. This makes energetic and attractive effects.


This advance technology allows you to make shapes or cutouts in your overlay that reveal only the desired portions of underlying video.

Tips to Master Overlays

Clarity is Key

Make sure your overlay elements have a great resolution and are crystal clear to avoid pixilation.

It is important to maintain balance

Use overlays as a way to enhance your content but do not overwhelm your audience.

Color Matching in overlay top

Choose overlay top colors that match the color scheme of your video to create a uniform aesthetic. Keep your audience interested with subtle animations.

Sound Developments

Include sound effects or music to complement your overlays and create extra immersive position.


Overlays is great tool for editing in Capcut. You can use overlays to boost your videos and add visual intrigue. You may also be capable to connect more excellently. Have fun experimenting with overlays in your Capcut project! Overlays are a countless method to improve video storytelling. As you improve your editing skills, you will discover exciting new ways to use them.

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