Capcut Shake Effect Download

Capcut Shake Effect Download 2024

Capcut Shake Effect Download

Capcut Shake Effect Download because it is very important for video editing. Have you ever seen the energetic edits that have a subtle or not so subtle camera shake effect?? These effects can add some fun, excitement or urgency to your video.

A shake effect emulates the outcome of deliberately jolting the camera during a scene, fostering a sense of dynamism. It’s employed to augment the potency of a shot and amplify audience engagement, particularly when positioned behind a punch, crash or similar action sequences. You can use Capcut as a learner, or more innovative control. How to do Shake the Effect on Capcut 2024 , you will learn by this article.

Simple Shake

Let’s start with the basic shaking effect. How to make it:

Launch Capcut to Start a New Project

Start Capcut by tapping the ‘plus’ icon.

Import your Video Clip

Choose the video clip from the gallery of your phone to which you wish to add the shaking effect. You can import photos to create a slideshow that includes some shake.

Go to the Effects panel

You’ll find several icons at the bottom of Capcut. Tap on the effects icon.

To Find the shake effect

Click on the tabs ‘Trending’ or ‘Video Effects’. Search for shake by sliding over to the “video effects”. Capcut has two capcut shake effects, shake and Camera shake. A simple and subtle shake is the best place to start.

How to Apply the shake effect

After you have located the capcut shake effects, simply tap it to apply it across your entire video clip. The shake effect appears automatically on the timeline, above your video. Capcut shake effect download without any cost.

Adjust Capcut Shake Effects Duration

By default, the Capcut shake effects is applied to the entire video clip. You can reduce the duration of the shake effect by pinching the ends on the timeline.

Preview & Export

Once the placement of the shake effect is perfect, you can tap the play button and preview your creation. Then click at export for saving video.

Pro tip

Try different placements of the shake effect on the timeline. Add a shake to a part of your video that you want people to take action, such as when text or images are displayed. You can also capcut shake effect download from our website.

Take Control of Your Keyframes

Capcut Keyframe feature allows you to have more creative control of the capcut shake effect download. create a capcut shake effects using keyframes;

Find the keyframes button

Tap the small diamond icon on the timeline above the video clip. This icon activates Keyframe feature.

Set your Start Keyframe

An orange bar will appear over your video clip. To create a keyframe, tap on the beginning yellow bar. This is the start point of your custom shake.

Change the Shake Intensity

While selecting the first Keyframe and press the “Effects button” again. Choose your desired effect from “video Effects”. Play around with the intensity. The video will be shakier as the concentration increase.

Set your End Keyframe

Select the section of the timeline that you want to stop the shaking effect. For creating a new keyframes click on the yellow bar.

Customizing the Capcut Shake Effects

By selecting the second Keyframe you can further personalize the effect. Return to “Effects”, and adjust the intensity of the shake again. You can choose a shake effect that is more dramatic for the end. You can also choose the free effects for capcut shake effect download.

Preview & Export

After you have achieved the desired shaking animation, you can preview your video. You can export it once you are happy with the result.

how to do shake effect on capcut 2024 Pro tip

Do not be afraid to experiment using multiple Keyframe. You can create an effect of dynamic shaking with different intensities in your video.

Advanced Shake Techniques

Capcut has additional features to enhance your shake-effect game.

Blur Overlay

Add a blur to the top of your shake effect for a dreamlike or intense effect. This is especially effective with short clips that are high-energy.

Use the Zoom feature in conjunction with Capcut Shake Effect Download

This will give your video a powerful punch. Add a shake to your video clip after you zoom in. This will create a shake that is more impactful and focused.


This guide will show you how to add the shake effect to Capcut videos. This guide covers two methods. First method is Simple shake, which is suitable for new users, and other is keyframes which are more advanced. And also capcut shake effect download without any cost.

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