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Download Capcut Desktop

Download Capcut Desktop for best video editing experience. If you’re interested in video editing, crafting animated content, designing graphics, or any other related editing tasks. The Capcut Pro Apk is widely regarded as the top app for video editing on both Android and iOS. If you’re curious whether this Pro capcut apk is available for personal computers (PCs) you can certainly use Capcut desktop and Mac systems.

Use of Capcut for editing video on desktop. The challenge lies in installing Capcut on desktop, as it cannot be easily installed through conventional methods. If you’re a new to Capcut and aiming to kick off its utilization on your desktop, here’s a beginner’s guide to steer you through the initial steps. Now I explain you to install the Capcut desktop 2024. I will recommend for the top three emulators that facilitate seamless running of Capcut, and I will cover each of them separately.

Download Capcut Using Bluestacks

Here is overview of how you can download Capcut desktop using Bluestacks:

Download & Install Bluestacks

Visit the official Bluestacks website at to download the emulator that matches your desktop specifications. After the download is complete, continue by installing Bluestacks to finalize the setup.

Launch Bluestacks on PC

After Bluestacks is installed successfully, launch it on your desktop and patiently wait for the initialization process to complete.

Proceed to Google Play Store

Then, in the third step, head to the library section situated at the top left corner and tap on the icon representing the Google Play Store. After that you will land at Google play store in Bluestacks cooperate.

Install Capcut

Search the ‘Capcut app’ and see the search results, click the install button when find the Capcut app.

Launch Capcut desktop

When installation is complete go to the home screen of Bluestacks and see the Capcut app icon. From there, launch the Capcut apk and begin your edit and creative projects within the application.

Download Capcut Using MEmu Play

MEmu play is another type of emulator for using the Capcut Desktop 2024 application. MEmu play is suitable emulator for run the android app on PC.

Download and install MEmu play

First go to the official website of MEmu play ( and download the MEmu play. After completing the downloading process, you install the MEmu play.

Launch MEmu play

When installation process is complete, Access MEmu play on desktop and launch the MEmu play. Go to Google play store in home screen and sign in to Google account or create a new account.

Installation of Capcut

Type the “Capcut” on search bar and see the results. Find the Capcut app in search results and continue to download. Once the download has finished, continue by clicking on the install button to finish the installation process.

Launch Capcut desktop

After complete the installation, go to MEmu play Home screen and see the Capcut application icon. Then launch the Capcut app and make your work or project so impressive with this application.

Download Capcut Using NoxPlayer

Here is another emulator for using Capcut on Desktop:

Download and Install NoxPlayer

First visit the official website of NoxPlayer and download this emulator. After that follow the instructions that available on-screen and execute the installer to Install NoxPlayer on your desktop. The installation process might take a few minutes to finish.

Launch NoxPlayer

When installation complete, launch the NoxPlayer by accessing it from your desktop.

Go to Google play store

When installation process complete, you promoted to sign in to Google account or create a new account. If you sign in, you get entry to the Google Play Store directly from within NoxPlayer.

Capcut Install

Search the “Capcut” in NoxPlayer home screen from Google play store. Review the search results to locate the Capcut application. After finding the Capcut click on install button for downloading and installing.

Launch Capcut Desktop

When installation process complete, launch it from your NoxPlayer home screen. After completion of all these process, you can edit your videos with Capcut mod on Desktop.


CapCut, a leading video editing app for Android and iOS, is sought after for Desktop use. However, installing CapCut on Desktop isn’t straightforward. To begin, you’ll need an emulator like Bluestacks, MEmu Play, or NoxPlayer. With Bluestacks, visit their website to download and install the emulator. Then, access Google Play Store within Bluestacks, search for CapCut, and install it. Launch CapCut from Bluestacks to commence editing. Similarly, MEmu Play and NoxPlayer require downloading from their official websites, accessing Google Play Store within the emulator, downloading CapCut, and launching it from the emulator’s home screen for editing.

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