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Capcut Mod Apk Latest Version v11.9.0 [Premium Unlocked] Top Features 2024

Capcut mod apk is utilized for both editing videos and photos, boasting a wide array of features to help users craft professional-grade content. While the free version offers only basic functionalities, many advanced features are accessible through paid subscriptions.

  • Absence of audio editing capabilities
  • Export options are limited
  • Does not support 4k resolution
  • limited time for video editing
  • Device specification
  • Interference of Ads
  • Watermark in video

I would like to present a solution that bypasses these issues and provides best solutions. The Capcut Mod Apk offers the ultimate pro version experience, resolving all your challenges. With this modified version, user can effortlessly unlock all premium features. Here are the premium features:

  • No ads
  • No Watermark
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Effects and Filters
  • Picture in Picture
  • XML Supported
  • Chroma Key
  • Speed Control
  • Stabilization
  • 3D Zoom Effect
  • Availability of Premium Soundtracks
  • Exporting videos in High Resolution
  • Keyframe

About Capcut Mod APK

Capcut video editor is an editing app for videos and photos, initially offering a set of restricted features. These feature demand subscription. With Capcut mod pro apk, there’s no need for subscriptions as it grants access to all premium features for free. And also you can download Capcut download pro apk from our website.


Below are several features of Capcut mod apk that is an excellent option for video editing; among them are the following:                                                                

No ads

By utilizing Capcut mod apk, you can get an ad-free environment, ensuring uninterrupted video editing without any disruptions.

Export in High Resolution

Capcut mod apk maintains uncompromised video quality, allowing you to export your videos in high definition. This guarantees that your content maintains clarity and suitability across all platforms.

Speed Control

In this feature of Capcut mod apk you can speed up and slow down clips, create slow motion and time-lapse effects and also reverse your videos.

Availability of Premium Soundtracks

In this pro version you can get lot of premium music tracks and sound effects freely. And also you can important music files and put in your videos to make them magnificent.

No Watermark

With the pro version of Capcut pro apk, you can effortlessly download videos without any watermark, ensuring a seamless experience.

XML Supported

XML is stand for extensible markup language. By using this feature a user can share, store and exchange information and transfer files with others.

Chroma Key

Utilizing the Chroma key feature, you can manipulate the background elements of your videos and substitute them with alternate backgrounds. You have access to switch your video backgrounds to various locations.

Music and Sound Effects

This feature also offers an extensive library of contemporary fashion, music and sound effects enhancing and refining your videos.

Effects and Filters

Capcut editor stands out as one of the earliest editors to provide an extensive assortment of effects and filters.


Video stabilization serves as a method to remove unwanted jitters, shakiness, and blurriness from your videos. Employing a video stabilization filter results in smooth and clean footage.

Picture in Picture

In this feature, you have the capability to overlay the photos and videos onto a clip, allowing for effortless integration.


Keyframe animation is a crucial element of the animation process, determining the initial and final points in the video to ensure seamless transitions. This feature is accessible within the setting.

3D Zoom Effect

The 3D zoom effects offer a distinct storytelling element, enabling you to highlight specific details or effortlessly direct the viewer attention. This feature enhances your narrative with a touch of creativity, rendering your content more engaging and memorable.

How to Edit Image In Capcut

First open the Capcut apk and click on Ai product photos as represent in the image. Select an image from either a PC or mobile phone gallery, then proceed to click on the “edit” option. Select your best AI backgrounds. Select your background color and click on export for exporting your image.

How to Use AutoCut Feature In Capcut

First open the application and then press on the AutoCut icon button from the menu. : Enable Capcut to suggest video templates. Then, Capcut explore and loads your video at editing screen, where you can select your preferred templates.


Capcut Mod Apk offers a comprehensive solution for professional-grade video and photo editing, bypassing limitations of the free version with its pro features. It eliminates ads, watermarks and supports high-resolution exports up to 4k. With access to premium soundtracks, effects and filters, along with features like Chroma key and 3D Zoom effects, it provides a seamless editing experience. Additionally, its XML support enables easy sharing and collaboration

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